Nomi Active

Mi Mat in Nomi Nude


Mi Mat has a neutral, skin colored design that will leave you wanting workout in the nude. Nomi Nude, Nala Nude, and Nilla Nude to be exact. These three shades feel Luxe and hold you strong with anti- slip surface. 

Skin soft texture, thin yet cushioned. 72” x 26”

Match your Nomi Nude Mat with the Signature Nude Band Set, Nomi Nude Bôl, J'Adore Jump, and Barely Bracelets.

To wash: Use a soft, natural soap diluted with plenty of water. Rub the mat with a damp cloth or soft sponge and the soap solution and let air dry. 

Light colored mats are always recommended to be indoor mats, and should be used on a clean surface. 

No Product Returns.

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